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East Texas metal working you can trust

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aws certified welder near tyler tx

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Wide range of services

metal buildings, entryways, pipe fences

What We Offer

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Metal Roofing

Metal Buildings

Metal Entryways

Custom Fabrication

Pipe Fencing

tyler tx Welding

welding tyler tx
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Why Your Job Needs an

aws certified welder near tyler tx

regulation compliance

An AWS Certified Welder gets the job done in accordance with U.S. and Texas regulations. Landaverde's Welding pros understand welding procedure specs and apply them on every job.

peace of mind

An AWS Certified Welder gets the job on time and takes precautions that keep everyone around safe, securing your property and peace of mind.


AWS Certified Welders have passed rigorous testing and maintain their certification status. Fortunato Landaverde's training and experience means superior welding for you.

If It can be made of metal

we can create it

Tyler Texas Welder

Welding and Metal Fabrication Near Tyler Tx

AWS certified welder

Our East Texas business is family owned and locally operated to offer you top quality work at affordable prices. We can provide everything from custom aluminum to stainless steel to metal structures.

Landaverde’s Welding has a reputation for excellence because of our attention to detail. We’re your certified Tyler Texas welding contractors for metal gates, metal fences, structural steel beams, handrails, metal staircases and more.

structures that last


Stop by the East Texas metal building vendors in Tyler and Flint and you’ll see mass-produced structures that are one-size fits all. That’s not what we build. Landaverde’s Welding provides metal buildings, metal carports, metal barns and other structures built your way according to your design needs, with a quality you won’t find anywhere else.

metal building welding

Expert Tyler Tx Construction

Hire an AWS Certified Welder for a metal building built to withstand the East Texas weather. 

Protect your vehicles with a metal carport. Give yourself extra storage space with a metal outbuilding. Protect your livestock and equipment with a metal barn.

Tyler Tx Metal Buildings of Any Size

We have the tools, the equipment and the experience to build metal buildings, metal barns, metal carports and other structures as big as you need. 

We also create East Tx metal buildings that fit in your small back yard or parking lot. Get in touch for an on-site evaluation and dependable estimate.

metal shed

Metal Roofing in Tyler Tx


Experienced Installation

Custom Design

metal roofing longview tx

Transform your property. Improve Safety. Protect what’s yours. Get durable, lasting gates, fences and entryways.